Where we are

Portugal Film School takes place in a small village called Monte da Estrada in the countryside of southern Portugal, not far from the sea. You’ll stay in a local house, with meals provided. Classes are taught in the former village school which also houses our technical facilities. The course language is English, but we also speak Dutch, German, Portuguese and French.


There are plenty of low cost flights to Lisbon from Amsterdam, London and other European capitals.
We advise you to book a Sunday flight that arrives in Lisbon no later than 12.00 so you have time to catch the 14.02 train from Lisbon Oriente station to our part of Portugal. You will arrive at 15.50, we pick you up, and you will have plenty of time to settle in at your accommodation before the welcome dinner.

There are 3 trains a day from Lisbon to the station nearest to us, which is called Funcheira. That is where we will pick you up. The trip takes about two hours from Lisbon. Trains from Lisbon Oriente station to Funcheira leave at 10:02, 14:02 and 18:32 (this is the intercity train to Faro – timetable may vary slightly).

Try to book a ticket in advance online via because ticket queues at the stations are often long and sometimes in the summer, trains get sold out. It takes about 15 minutes to get from Lisbon airport to Oriente station by metro but you should count 15 extra minutes for buying a metro ticket, queues are long. A taxi from Lisbon airport to Oriente train station costs around 10 euros. 


You’ll be staying in the village and therefore accommodation is simple, Portuguese style, as you can see from the photos. In most cases you’ll be sharing an apartment with two or three other people, some in their own room and some in a room with two beds, and you will also share a bathroom. We can provide higher end accommodation in and around the village but that means you will have to pay extra. Food is included in the course price; you will be eating twice a day at the only café in the village, which is run by our friend Patricia. She cooks a great meal, Portuguese style, and vegetarians are welcome. The apartments we use have their own kitchen and you will have breakfast there;  we do the shopping for you! If you go for the cheaper camping option, you will stay at a site right next to the village.  Tents and bedding are provided and you can cook your own meals or eat at the village café for only €7.

What to bring:

in July, daytime temperatures typically reach 35°C in the south of Portugal and at night they go down to around 20°C. So bring light summer clothing with something extra for the evenings. It’s good to have sandals or slippers, but you’ll also need fairly sturdy shoes during the shooting. A cap or hat is indispensable and so are sunglasses for most people. If you can, bring your own laptop, external hard-disk and a USB stick. And of course… don’t forget your daypack, swimming gear and suntan lotion!